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Crestock is a visual content provider, offering quality royalty-free stock images at a great price. Crestock developed a plugin that allows bloggers access to search for, and add, any Crestock image to their blog – free of charge. 

Let’s say I want an image of carrot on my blog. If I search for “carrot vegetable” on Crestock I got very few results. If I go to Google Image search and search the same terms with CC license I got hundreds of images. I would rather want a paid banner from Crestock on my site than the ability to display watermarked images. It will lead you to WordPress page for this plugin.

It Founded in 2005, Crestock focused on providing a great experience to both buyers and sellers. Crestock was purchased on July 1, 2010, by Toronto-based Masterfile Corporation, a premium stock photography agency with over 30 years experience in commercial licensing. Today Crestock is a growing player in micropayment royalty-free stock photography, helping clients with small budgets find creative images for their projects. Crestock also gives photographers and illustrators a great platform for licensing their creative work.

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